ryan goldsmith tiger and bunny photo: tiger and bunny 110518_tiger.gif tiger and bunny photo bunny_zps9a4c9a7a.gif
Sup~ you can call me Sweetseek or red! my friends call me sweets. I go all fangirly for my Barnaby~ ( barnaby brooks jr ) , Ouroboros barnaby and black tiger! And my new crush is Ryan Goldsmith! such a beautiful man.
From game my crush is Raiden Sears ( Metal gear ) I love cyborgs what can I say.
I'm also a artist, studying Graphics at college.

I love rping~ sometimes I do NSFW's rp's and I have ask accounts~

And I have a beautiful wife
Be sure to see her page~ amazing roleplayer~ and a amazing beautiful person.
anyway that's all! See you around and don't be scared to talk to me~ It's all sweet from here~
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