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Hey~ the name is Sweetseek. I'm a graphic artist and still in college. I also cosplay! in my spare time of course.
I'm huuuuuge fan of tiger and bunny and I love Barnaby brooks jr~ he my hubby~ and he makes me happy when I'm super down. Oh and importantly I'm dyslexic! so don't grammar me!

And I have a beautiful wife
Be sure to see her page~ amazing roleplayer~ and a amazing beautiful person.
anyway that's all! See you around and don't be scared to talk to me~ It's all sweet from here~





Daryan stumbled over to the blonde girl and almost fell over on top of her. “I’ve drank so much rum I feel like a pirate~” he laughed


" ummmm… no." he patted the drunk on the head " best if you slept"


A loud whine came from the drunken shark. “BUT SWEETSEEK! WE HAVE TO BE PIRATES-!”

" oh? really? who says?" she chuckled. Rubbing his back now. 

little-bunny-sweetseek asked : "closet"




10. Loving kiss.

Twisted smiled while pulling sweetseek to the closet with him. “Now.. what should i do here with you for seven minutes?” he smirked before kissing her with a lot of love. “maybe just kiss you like this?”



she grumbled ” no fair…” But hugged him back anyway.

"Things aren’t always fair for everyone."

" Yes. I do know that."

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